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Entrepreneurship Programs

Our passion for spreading entrepreneurship to everyone who is interested in learning how to avoid the typical start-up mistakes. Coaching and mentoring give us an often unnoticed value. Having a small business advisor who is accessible at times when we feel stagnation, can go a long way. In short, access to expert knowledge and skill has never been easier.

Financial Advisory

Working capital optimization, capital restructuring, financial feasibility studies, financial modeling and valuation are performed by expert financial controllers and licensed financial advisors here at Mastermind & Associates. We will assess your business risk to ensure financial sustainability for your organization. In a difficult economy, financial optimization is the key to outperforming the competition.

Strategy & Business Planning

We use best practices in the industry to design corporate strategy from Vision to cascaded staff KPIs. We develop business plans for expansions, credit applications, and credit reviews. Our consultants are highly experienced with graduate degrees in business management. We analyze your business and enable scientific decision-making.

Sales & Marketing

Offering a wide range of programs to boost your sales and test the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Being the creator of your product, you are definitely the best salesman for it, but we provide you with the right tools and setup. Our Sales Back-End Specialists can help your techniques and expand your customer base, while our Marketing Specialists strategize your go-to-market and market research.

Process Improvement

Business process improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. Our BPI Consultants are equipped with best-practice experience in the field to improve your processes through systemic enhancement and other more conventional techniques like Six Sigma and simple Solver techniques.

Accounting & Control

We provide Accounting professional services through partial to complete outsourcing. We recommend and assess ERP quality and design. We analyze your financial statements and prepare them for creditors, vendors, and auditors. Balance control vs efficiency in the most methodical way for your organization. Trace inefficiencies and establish professional loss prevention through Internal Audit.

Supply Chain Solutions

Many businesses today are still facing challenges in maintaining some elements in the supply chain such as material consistency, product availability, and distribution optimization. Maintaining a strong value chain could be the only difference between your business and sizable sustainable profit.

Project Management

Organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other business demands. A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges and more. Our PMO Consultants are experts in Project Portfolio & Performance Management.

Human Resources

We offer recruitment services, staff surveys, HR policies & procedures, pay scale and structure, incentive schemes, and more. We have developed proprietary schemes to keep employees engaged, increase productivity, and training ROI methodology.